Boho Glam Bedroom

Boho Glam Bedroom

I think we have found a bedroom  that manages to make pink look all grown up…we just might be starting to like this colour!  Plus this room feels bohemian AND  sophisticated at the same time.  It’s a great look, how do they pull it off?

  • Baby pink on the walls was a brave choice by this interior designer, and it is counterbalanced with the strongest of colour palettes: dark brown, gold, leaf green and red.  This combination is not the least bit trendy which is really refreshing.
  • The stylistic choices in this room are super eclectic, traditional lamps and bedside tables are paired with modern art and a boho paper lantern.  It is obviously a room full of things that are loved which makes it feel authentic.
  • Notice the bed has a very low headboard  to keep the pillows off the wall and then that great piece of art acts like a really grand headboard.
  • I love how the lamps are not centered on the bedsides,  they are closest to the bed which is just where you want them and little collection of books fill the rest f the space, keeps it casual and inviting.
  • How great are these accent cushions?  Classic white, a sexy French floral, plus a modern black and white pattern!  Unexpected and fun.

To get the look start with some  Italian Cotton Sheets  in crisp white (may make it a bit hard to get out of bed)!  The Art site Paper Cartel  has a great array of brightly coloured prints. For a nice traditonal bedside lamp, check out Bloomindales Lighting.  www.Hardtofind.com.au have  lots of great accent cushions and many  have free shipping.

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