Bigger IS Better (at least when it comes to house plants)

Bigger IS Better (at least when it comes to house plants)

I’ve never really been a big fan of small house plants…perhaps it was growing up in the 70s when those awful trailing ones used to be everywhere.  Even the new trend towards hanging plants leaves me feeling a bit squeamish…making the macrame holder in neon does improve it’s standing…a little too hipster /art student for my taste.  Now, the obvious exception is a nice herb garden in a sunny window, brilliant, and the other exception is big ass plants, the more tree like the better.  Here’s why I love them:

  • Large house plants are very dramatic and inject a bit of colour that doesn’t actually need to match anything else!
  • They Improve air quality and reportedly in encourage positive and calm feelings
  • They remind me of resorts and tropical vacations.
  • Adds some height into a room when most furniture is waste high or lower…this is especially important in double height spaces

So what kind of large house plant?  You can’t go past a nice palm like …easy to take care of.  The interior designer of this room  (see above) is a genius in my book.

living-room-modern-white-ficus-fiddle-leaf-joe-serrins-WSJ   Plant-living-room-as-a-decoration

Fiddleback Fig trees….love those big leaves. A classic choice

tumblr_m1lkge4GCu1r19bzso1_400  9c323296eb841ad0badb8d4b40e91d98

Giant bird of paradise…this was my choice for the interior design of my house on the Gold Coast.  It looked amazing in my living room for about 2 years and then it decided it wanted to be outside and it’s getting some much needed sun and rain.

My parting advice…if your plant doesn’t look robust and healthy with ALL the brown trimmed off…better not to have one at all.

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