How to Hang Art (stylishly that is)

How to Hang Art (stylishly that is)

What height should you hang art ??

Lower than most people think!  This is the single biggest mistake i see when i walk into peoples homes as an interior designer.  Eye height you are a tall woman or short man, so about 165 cm to the middle of the artwork or framed print.


How close should my art be to the furniture below it?

Please don’t give too much breathing space…have a quick look at any interior design mag.  Art hugs the sofa or table below so they relate to each other as a collection.  Most people leave way to big of a gap here!


How far apart should I hang multiple pieces of art?

Diptychs or multiples should be 5-10 cm apart so work as a whole.  You want to create tension between them like they are pulling towards each other, not floating on their own


Gallery Art Walls…Create a collection and let your imagination run wild! Think first about what’s your style is – Matching frames or Eclectic frames? Symmetrical or Asymmetrical?


You can combine a range of paintings, drawings and photographs and styles,  mix different sizes and frames…the more eclectic the better in our design opinion!

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