The Art of Display

The Art of Display

What a  beautiful tableau…personal and chic without being to overly contrived.  Sometimes it is the small spaces that make a space special more than grand or expensive gestures.  What is about this little corner that is so wonderfully nuanced by the interior designer?

  • First off,  it is in fact a “nook”, and they have made it beautiful by adding a console/bookshelf that fits in perfectly…right choice, right space.
  • It is not about the furniture, but what is ON the furniture in this case.  The table is simple and is the same color as the walls, which makes the items on display really pop.
  • A smart mixture of symmetry and asymmetry is employed.  The lamps are symmetrical but the art isnt, while the bold vase arrangement feels very ikebana.  Below, the three stacks of books are nicely counterbalanced by the bowl.
  • The power of numbers in interior design – normally we like odd numbers but in this case two is working nicely on the top shelf – 2 books, 2 frames, 2 lamps.  A tray with three items on top left balances the three stacks on the lower right shelf.
  • Subtle eclecticism – I love that the art frames on the wall and shelf do not match, but they are all classically understated.
  • Color – a refined palette of neutrals accentuated by three bits of blue in the painting, picture frame, and book ties the whole ensemble together, and a little punch of orange is a delight.
    Picture from Lonny Magazine

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