Residential Design

We take inspiration from the surroundings of your residence and then really listen to what YOU want. Whether your style is modern interior design or a bit more traditional, we are simply here to make that dream a reality with minimal stress… and have a bit of fun in the process.

Commercial Design

MEI consults to the healthcare, hospitality, and development industries. We respect that our clients are in business and offer fantastic value for money and professionalism. Core to our efforts is a client focused commitment to deliver quality service on time and within budget.


A whole new home to design or a single room, we guide you through the entire process from lifestyle assessment to concept design, floor plans, finish and fixture selections, joinery detailing, bid procurement, budget review and installation…Your complete residential interior design firm.

Furniture Packages

Whether you need just a few pieces, a whole house or an entire building full, we carefully select each piece of furniture to blend seamlessly with the space, balancing aesthetics and functionality. Our wholesale buying power means we pass along great savings to our clients.

Display Home Styling

Good design sells! We have been decorating properties for sale over the past 10 years, and the results have proved how powerful this marketing technique is in delivering results. We use artfully styled furniture and accessories to help sell the dream to prospective buyers.


MEI specialises in interior design for hospitals, doctor’s offices and aged care. We understand the need to specify finishes and furnishing to accommodate special ergonomic needs and strict environmental and inflectional control requirements.

Eco Friendly Design

Sustainable design doesn’t mean sacrificing style and spending more money. It’s about smart choices and being well informed on the latest in environmental products. Sustainability is not a trend, it’s the future and we are passionate about contributing this growing trend.

Colour Consultation

Colour selection for both interiors and exteriors can completely transform a building or room, and is one of the hardest things to get right. We have years of experience, so don’t get overwhelmed looking at tiny paint chips… Let us help with a limited consultation.

Project Management

Picking a few tiles is the easy part! We can assist you throughout your project, from interior design concept, through design development, to finding subcontractors, procurement, construction and installation. We liaise with architects, contractors and suppliers on your behalf.

How does it work?

Give us a call or email us anytime, and we will set up a time to come and see your interior design project. There is NO charge for this initial meeting. It just gives us a chance to meet you, understand the brief and tell you a bit more about ourselves. We then put together a fee proposal which outline the complete scope of services and costs. If you are then happy to go ahead and feel it’s a good match, we start designing!

Can I afford an Interior Designer?

Over and over again we hear from our clients that they thought an interior designer would be too expensive and that we would put pressure on them to spend even more money than they were already planning for their project! We hear the exact opposite once we finish up…

They tell us that we saved them so much time and money, they would never go without a designer again.

We have great contacts, great buying power and know where to spend and where to save. Our ability to buy at wholesale and pass those savings along to our clients means that some people save even more money than they spend on our design services!

We sometimes work with clients on a very limited advisory role, a mentor of sorts, and they do much of the legwork. We advise them where to go, give feedback, and help them avoid mistakes. For other clients we offer a full design service from concept through to installation. Whatever your budget, we can accommodate you and have absolute confidence that your interior design project will be better as a result.

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